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It is important to fully understand what you are entitled to both now and in the future before accepting a settlement offer. Houston truck accident lawyer Reshard Alexander helps personal injury victims get the help they deserve. Call today: (713) 766.3322.

These are dark, gloomy, and financially uncertain times for most people. A volatile stock market, bleak economic future, and rising violent crimes in Houston could lead to an overall dismal outlook for the future of our great city, state, and nation. The term “essential services” has solidly stamped the idea in our minds that in order to survive in this coronavirus era, one must provide or be employed by a company that ensures society will continue to function and that our basic needs are met. If you are lucky enough to fall into an “essential service” job category, there is a higher probability that you still travel along Texas roads to fulfill the obligations of your job.
Obviously, there are fewer vehicles out on the road due to the spread of COVID-19, apprehension about visiting public places or gatherings, the introduction of remote working to a wider work audience, and shuttering of various business establishments ranging from retail, restaurants, sports, and short-term lodging. Most health professionals and the Center for Disease Control are advising us all to stay six feet away from other persons in order to flatten the contamination curve. So, what should you do when you have been involved in a car accident right now?

  1. STOP THE VEHICLE. If you can, move your vehicle off the roadway. This will lessen the congestion on the road so that first responders can reach you in a timely fashion, especially if there are severe injuries to a passenger, and lessen the likelihood of a second car accident occurring as other cars try to drive around you. If you cannot move the car off the roadway, stay seated and turn on your hazard lights, if possible.
  2. CALL THE POLICE. You always want to alert the authorities when in involved in a car wreck and you are required to do so by Texas law when there is: a. at least $1000.00 worth of damage to personal property or b. someone is injured as a result of the wreck.
  3. APPLY SANITIZER. The unfortunate reality is that we cannot always avoid human interaction even though we are experiencing one of the worst pandemics to occur since the 1918 Spanish Flu. So feel free to douse yourself (hands) with a sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, or some other disinfecting solution (made for humans) that will likely cleanse or lessen any transmission of the coronavirus to other persons. Be prepared to offer the other driver some sanitizer for their hands as well.
  4. USE A MASK AND GLOVES. Put on your mask and gloves. Don’t touch anything else until you have put on these items. Wait for the police to arrive.
  5. EXCHANGE INFORMATION. Usually, the police officer on the scene will exchange information between the two parties. He/she will likely have on a mask and gloves as well. If no police officer arrives or you are in a situation where no officer can be reached then you want to document the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all parties involved, this includes the drivers and all passengers. Additionally, you need to obtain the insurance information of the other driver, the license plates’ information (front and back), and his/her driver’s license information. Obtain the contact information for any bystanders or witnesses to the auto accident.
  6. TAKE PICTURES OF THE SCENE. Don’t be shy about taking photos of all damage sustained and inflicted as a result of the wreck. Take multiple photos of both vehicles. It is not possible to take too many photos at a time like this. Take photos of the other driver. Take photos of the other passengers. Take photos of yourself and your passengers. Take photos of the scene (tire marks, skids, shattered glass, items hit on the roadway or alongside the street).
  7. SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION. Many car accident injuries do not initially appear serious. However, usually, 24–48 hours after a wreck, your body comes down from the adrenaline high of the accident and you begin to experience serious pain and discomfort. Do not wait until this happens to seek medical care. If you hit your head and lose momentary consciousness, you may have experienced a concussion or severe head injury. This can lead to permanent brain damage and resulting behavioral changes.
  8. GATHER YOUR DOCUMENTS. You should keep track of all your documents that revolve around the injuries you sustained and the damage to your car. Put everything that has been given to you in a file folder, preferably with pockets, so that you do not lose anything. This includes receipts, invoices, paperwork given to you by the police and medical professionals, and any resulting insurance information.
  9. GUARD YOUR RIGHTS. Contact an attorney immediately. You need to understand that the insurance companies are going to look out for their own interests…and you aren’t one of them. Insurance companies seek to lessen the amount of compensation that they will pay you by any means. Therefore, the first and best thing to do is to hire an attorney to represent your interests.
  10. KEEP A JOURNAL. Document how you are feeling on a daily basis so that you can remember in detail how you suffered as a result of the other person’s negligent driving. If your case has to go to trial, it may be years before you actually have your day in court. This will help you when dealing with depositions and trials.

If you or a loved one are injured in a Houston 18 wheeler wreck call Attorney Reshard Alexander — Big Rig Bull Texas Truck Accident Lawyer today for a free initial consultation. Call today: 713.766.3322 or toll-free at 1.800.688.7551.


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Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander helps truck wreck victims. 713.766.3322.

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Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander helps truck wreck victims. 713.766.3322.